A Sweet Wild Note by Richard Smyth

Birdsong final.inddBirdsong is woven into our culture, our emotions, our landscape; it is the soundtrack to our world. We have tried to capture this fleeting, ephemeral beauty, and the feelings it inspires, for millennia.

In this fascinating account, Richard Smyth asks what it is about birdsong that we so love. Exploring the myriad ways in which it has influenced literature, music, science and our very ideas of what it means to be British, Smyth’s nuanced investigation shows that what we hear says as much about us, our dreams and desires, as it does about the birds and their songs.


If it has birds in it, I’m reading it.

This is a gorgesouly written account on bird song and the impact it has had on humanity since the beginning. With carefully chosen pieces of poetry and snippets of essays that perfectly complement the point the author is making, this book will make you listen to birdsong in a comletely new way.

This book is a love song to birds. For anyone who admires them or who just wants to learn more about them in a way that is not boring or terribly didactic, I recommend this book. It was a joy to read.



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