I’m Valentina Cano. Writer, reader, textile artist, animal enthusiast. My literary agent is Christopher Schelling at Selectric Artists.

Review Policy:

Unless I am deep into writing a new manuscript, I probably am accepting books to review. I will not accept all books I am offered; I’m afraid I just don’t have the time to review every single one.

I do not guarantee a positive review. What I post will be based on the book’s merits and will be as honest as I can possibly make it, so please keep that in mind when requesting a review. If at any time I am closed to accepting review books, I will announce it at the top of this page.



Drivel. I would burn it if I believed in burning books.






I wouldn’t burn it, but I rolled my eyes pretty hard as I read it.
It was fun and I’d probably recommend it, but don’t quote me on that.
This is where the majority of books I read will end up. I’ll recommend them and sing their praises.
A book with a five grackle rating is one I will not shut up about. I’ll bring it up as much and often as I can and will recommend it to everyone I meet.